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Welcome to the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc.


Our mission is to expose as many Louisiana natives and United States citizens to New Orleans Jazz history and the life story, music and humanitarian contributions of Louis Daniel Armstrong as possible.

Jazz Education Programs

The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. mission is to create programs that will expose students at every grade level in school systems throughout America to

New Orleans Jazz history and the life of Louis Armstrong.  

The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. Jazz the First DaysIn School Field Trip (ISFT) will rekindle the music played around the turn of the century in a jazz education workshop designed specifically with your student population in mind.

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New Orleans

Jass Jubilee

New Orleans Jass Jubilee is a stage production about the women who led the Jass dance movement. At the core of the Jass dance movement was the free spirited women of New Orleans.  These incredible ladies could interpret every Jass note played with their body movements. By the year 1915 these women were the masters at "Dancing the Jass"  

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Jazz the First Days

The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. wish to share with you the historical beginning  through this traveling photographic exhibit combined with the visual mastery of a small collection of the most creative of New Orleans Local Artist.  

The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. in partnership with  the artist community of St. Joe Loft's is  proud to announce  the creation of the first NOLA Jazz Arts Gallery dedicated to the preservation and evolution of New Orleans gift to world culture... Jazz

"NOLA Jazz Arts Gallery"

For a limited Time only

August 2019 - January 2020

St. Joe Loft's

923 Constance St.

New Orleans, LA

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